“25-03-2012 - We consulted Annette 3 weeks ago because our retired racing greyhound was experiencing separation anxiety when left alone at home. This had been going on since we adopted her 2 years ago and we had tried all sorts of things to calm her down without much success. She was barking and disturbing our neighbours. She had also chewed several wooden items in the house when left. The techniques that Annette taught us have made a massive difference. We noticed an improvement as soon as we put the principles of the method in place and now Holly is much calmer when left alone.


We have been recording her and she has not barked or chewed anything at all. We found Annette very thorough and caring in her approach and the follow up advice and support complete with comprehensive written notes, have been excellent. From our experience we would highly recommend amichien bonding to deal with separation anxiety and Annette is a great teacher of this method. Holly is still doing really well. We feel that the method has enhanced her relationship with us and it taught us to be consistent with her.”

S.G. and P.G. Walthamstow, London E17


“21-02-2010 - We called Annette to help with our two rescue dogs Samson and Scout. Samson was pulling on the lead and barked and lunged lots when we saw other dogs on the walk which made walking stressful and no fun. Scout did a lot of spinning and tail chasing. We now use the Amichien method which Annette taught us and both dogs have improved lots in a few weeks.”


“Sam walks well on the lead, he hasn’t barked at another dog yet and the lunging is nothing like it used to be. Scouts spinning has already decreased by 50%. I am delighted with their progress so far and Annette keeps supporting us if we contact her.”

A.P. Billingshurst, W.Sussex


“16-02-2010 - At the age of 4 my dog, Dexter, had become increasingly aggressive on and off the lead. I tried all sorts of methods to alter his behaviour from treat based training to just plain yelling. The treats worked for a while but only when I had them on me! I eventually got to the stage where walking the dog, once such a pleasure became my nightmare. The last straw was when Dexter escaped from the dog walker in order to run across the road and attack another dog. I knew I had to do something. I researched the net and discovered Amichien training and Annette. With her help Dexter became the pack follower and I the leader. It’s been 2 years now and no more dog biting. If he occasionally forgets his place we go back to ‘Pack Follower 101′ and he soon remembers who the boss is. Thank goodness walking can be a pleasure again for all concerned.”

Line Hilton Surrey

“After just one session with Annette, I learned how to ensure my dog became much, much calmer. Walks became a pleasure again - instead of feeling I was taking an unexploded bomb to the park! The back-up service was also very useful. Annette is extremely good at her job, and I recommend her highly.”

K.R. , Camden, North London

“Annette’s services are brilliant. Our dog who is now 2.5yrs old was getting very stressed at home when left on his own. It was so bad that not only was he very upset and breathing heavily and barking but also our neighbours were upset by the barking. We followed her advice and within 3 days our dog became incredibly relaxed and the barking stopped. Annette’s help was so worth while and well worth the money..invaluable to know that our dog was calm and relaxed and most of all happy.”

F.M., SW5 London


“Annette came to our house to train us and Demi, so we could deal with D’s protective and nervous behaviour. After we adopted our GSD (German Shepherd) from a long life in a small kennel, Demi found it difficult to relax in a busy London environment and became very protective. She barked a lot at strangers, buses, things behind gates and she responded aggressively when someone strange approached her. Also, she pulled the lead quite a bit.”


“After the training, which was a challenge for both us and Demi, we continued being consistent in our Alpha behaviour, and Demi responded very well. She is much more relaxed in her own and strange environments. She is relaxed around traffic, she doesn’t pull the lead and she is very happy. For both Demi and us, the training was definitely a success!”

M.V.W., London W3