My Method

I advise dog owners and work with dogs employing the method of Jan Fennell the Doglistener. In this way of working with dogs we utilize knowledge and body-signals taken from the Alphawolf in the wolf pack. This results in a calm, natural, non-confrontational manner of communicating with dogs. Force, raised voice or gadgets are neither needed nor wanted. There is no mystery in the method, everything we do has an obvious, clear background in the wolf pack and you’ll be surprised at how naturally dog breeds of all sizes respond to this language and begin to relax.

Jan Fennell calls her method of dog behavioral training Amichien(friend of the dog) bonding. It is also called canine communication.

From Monty Roberts “the Horsewhisperer” to Jan Fennell “the Doglistener”

In the last years, Monty Roberts “the Horsewhisperer” has revolutionised the way people work with and relate to horses. He did this through observing wild horses in nature and then copying their body signals in his devoted work with horses.

Jan Fennell - Dog ListenerJan Fennell is the only dog trainer to whom Monty Roberts is a personal mentor. She made his technique of the learning of the language of the animal her own in order to help dogs. She studied the wolf pack and then tried her discoveries about the body signals of the Alphawolves on dogs. Her method , canine communication, is based on the four key situations that occur in the wolf pack in which the Alpha pair take charge:separation, perceived danger, feeding, the hunt

We can adapt those four key situations to our lives with our dogs and behave in such a way in those situations that they will choose us as leaders of their own free will. In addition canine communication assists in bringing harmony and peace to our relationship with our dog.

Canine communication helps dog owners with major and minor difficulties. It is also an asset in the raising of puppies, making this much easier. Basic commands are a great help in dog training, however, there is more to the understanding between dog and owner than this. That’s why dogs can have problems despite excelling in training classes, agility and dog shows.

To find out more about my method, read “The Doglistener”.