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1-2-1 home consultations to help you and your dog/puppy.

Based in London.

Foundation and advanced certificates in canine communication.
Every Chance Rescue Ltd.

Annette and Brandy

Papillon or German Shepherd, Bull Terrier or Field Spaniel, dogs come into our world with the mind-set and inherent language of the wolves and wild living dogs.

This means that they are very pack/family conscious. United, they survive better in the wild and each pack is lead by an Alpha male and an Alpha female. The Alphas lead the pack on the hunt for food, choose flight, freeze or fight in times of danger etc.

Each of the rest of the pack members has a place in the pack structure.

By observing wolves in the wild, Jan Fennell, founder of this method of dog behaviour training, observed that Alpha wolves give the rest of the pack subtle, but clear body signals to re- affirm their leadership on a day-to-day- basis in those moments when it is important for the pack to survive, such as food, the hunt, danger or separation.

She started to copy these Alpha signals in the daily routine with her dogs at home and witnessed, that they elected her as pack leader of their own free will. She discovered that in utilising those Alpha signals, dog problems such as pulling on the lead, jumping up, aggression, stress, fears and separation anxiety became resolved.

What I like best about this way of working with dogs, is that it does not require you to dominate your dog or manipulate it with force.

The method, Amichien ® (friend of the dog) Bonding can help you with major or minor dog difficulties. You may:

-like for your dog to walk well on the lead without having to “check” it and having to keep using commands

- make your dog recall when off lead

-need help in settling in your rescue dog

-wish to cure separation anxiety in your dog

-find a way for your dog to get on with other dogs

-stop aggression in your dog towards humans

Please eMail me with your enquiry or call me. 0207 652 1059 / 0790 331 7868.

1-1 consultations for puppies

I can be of assistance with:

- Puppy potty training

- Feeding

- Preparing for the walk (and for older pups, walking on the lead)

- Guiding “puppy chewing” away from furniture, your shoes, hands.

- Introducing your puppy to your other dogs/pets

- Introducing your puppy to the outside world (i.e. traffic, people, dogs)

- Socializing your puppy with other dogs you meet on the walk

Puppy “Gremlins”, if you live with several puppies and life has become unmanagable.